I’ve been doing some abstract drawings just a few that came to my mind. For some artists, philosophy, literature and art itself is a source of inspiration. Abstract Drawing can provide a way of exploring concepts, bouncing thoughts around and expressing feelings that are difficult to put in words. Abstract is like poetry instead of words, and, sentence, abstract use line, form, pattern, and, texture. 

I think Iam improving in drawing abstract. I just drew shapes and random colors and it looks great.
Abstract art doesn't try to look like anything from the real world, it is an art style that is intentionally non-representational.
 The subject or point of the painting is the colors used, the textures in the artwork, the materials used to create it. 
I just learned that there's some Abstract art is also called Non-objective art. In non-objective art, you do not see specific objects. It is not painted to look like something specific.

These three depictions of Winnie the Pooh show off Realistic, Abstract, and Nonobjective forms of art. The one on the far right is nonobjective. The artist has revert Winnie the Pooh to a few shapes and nothing else.

Today I am still improving myself to draw abstract. I draw random shapes and colored it using color pencil with different tone to show emotion to the drawing.

Abstract is all about shapes. Each shape in an abstract drawing is communicating to its own meaning. Use shapes to:

•Organize information through connection and separation

•Symbolize different ideas

•Create movement, texture, and depth

•Convey mood and emotion

•Emphasize and create entry points and areas of interest

•Lead the eye from one design element to the next

         Abstract shapes have a recognizable form, but are not real. They are stylized or simplified versions of organic shapes. A stick figure is an abstract shape depicting a person. Typographic glyphs are abstract shapes to represent letters. Icons are abstract shapes to represent ideas and concepts. Some abstract shapes have near universal recognition.

What is it Abstract drawing?
It is the art of expressing a thought, feeling, or emotion without creating a realistic image on the canvas. It is much like music, in that there can be several variations of the format, and the mood of the artist can be brought through similarly through certain visual styles.

Take, for example, a song on the radio. The abstract emotion can be felt as the voice of the artist raises and lowers, becomes gruff with emotion, and softens after an emotional outburst. The music in the background supports the feelings being expressed with harder beats or with gentler, flowing notes. The same can be accomplished through abstract drawing. Instead of having an object that the artist is trying to capture, the artist wishes to show emotion or thought with the drawing. Colors, shading, and certain strokes of the brush can say a lot about the mood of the artist at the time the piece was completed.

For example, shades of blue that are blended together, along with a little gray, usually mean sadness or gloom. These shades may also be somewhat hushed in their appearance, without clean brush strokes differentiating between the hues. However, a painting covered in red and orange slashes could convey anger or irritation.

 I Select Abstract Drawing for Genius Hour Because to know more about abstract drawing and to enhanced my skill in drawing. I Hope to Gain more ideas for My Abstract Drawing to create more artistic drawing.The Concept That I learnt about abstract is abstract is more about shapes. My Skills improved by practicing and learning more techniques. The Greatest resource that I have is a book that I borrow in the Library it helps me improved drawing abstracts. I hope my final product will be great and presentable.