Dental hygienists are specially trained health care professionals who help maintain the dental health of their patients and prevent oral health problems. They also educate patients about proper oral hygiene habits and techniques.
Ideally, hygienists see each patient for a routine appointment every 6 months. The hourly wages earned by dental hygienists often range between $30 and $40.However, wages can vary widely. Some entry-level hygienists earn less
than $20 an hour, and those with a high level of education and many years
of experience can make upwards of $60 an hour in some regions. Hygienists
begin an appointment by assessing the condition of the patient’s teeth and gums. They look for a wide variety of oral health problems. The most common are tooth decay and gingivitis or gum disease. A small mirror and a probe are used to check the patient’s teeth and gums for indicators of trouble, such as cavities and red or swollen gums. Most dental hygienists work in dental
offices. They are supervised indirectly by dentists and they may be
responsible for overseeing the work of one or more dental assistants. Other
dental hygienists are employed by hospitals, retirement homes, research
labs, health units of large companies, the Armed Forces, pharmaceutical or
dental supply companies, or dental hygiene schools. Diploma and degree
programs in dental hygiene are offered at colleges and universities across
Canada. Entrance requirements vary from program to program, but all require
at least a high school diploma and some require at least 1 year of university studies.

I'm Interested to this career because it's a stepping stone to be a
dentist. I'm suitable for this career because I know how to handle people and I
have an artistic hand and a careful eye so my client's teeth will be

My concern with this career that it might be expensive and also where can I find a dentist to hire me. I will work hard to accomplished my goals.



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